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google can’t verify its me i want to add recovery gmail for ######### ######### it is recovery email plz let me to open my old gmail that i haven’t use since 2 months

Chromcast Google Photos Ambient Mode -- Name Issues

I'm successfully sharing photo albums via Chromecast Ambient Mode but I'd like to change the naming protocol if possible. The default is name of the Google Photos Folder and the date the photo was saved there. I want to show the photo file name not t...

How i can open multi camera xiaomi in a screen with chromecast?

I got some of camera xiaomi but i don't know how to watch all of them in a screen (maybe 4)I know gg home with chromecast i can help me see xiaomi in TV but i don't know if chromecast support multi camera in a same time.Help me. I wanna buy one.

TUÂN by Community Member
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Google Nest Mini

How come i can turn my tv on with my google nest mini , but i can’t turn it off?

kkleggy by Community Member
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Google cromecast remote

Can I use google cromecast with google cromecast remote

TM11 by Community Member
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Cromecast remote

Can I use cromecast remote with google cromecast?

TM11 by Community Member
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no devices found

casting from chrome comes up with 'no devices found' could this be a problem with our time capsule?

mamasass by Community Member
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