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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Thermostat wont TURN OFF THE HEAT with Alexa

I tell Alexa... TURN OFF THE HEAT. She says "it's off"...but it's not. This has been happening since October to thousands of us and I haven't heard anything about it being fixed. The only fix I've heard so far is switching to something besides Alexa....

Daysprung by Community Member
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Nest heat link has failed after 2 years, what do I do?

Hi my Google Nest Learning thermostat 3rd generation stopped working after 2 years with no issues. Checked Heat Link 240volts to unit but no lights shown. Turn main switch off then on still no lights. Tried pressing reset no response. Also noted no p...

2021-12-22 20.25.26.JPG

Wiring compatibility with Trane XC95m

Is the Nest Learning Thermostat compatible with Trane XC95m. Attached are pictures of the thermostat wiring and wiring on the Trane. Thanks for any help. A Pro installer said it couldn’t be done. I’m not convinced.

KerrySC_0-1640294605701.jpeg KerrySC_1-1640294670608.jpeg
KerrySC by Community Member
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Nest compatibility

I am trying to figure out if our gas hot air furnace and AC wiring is compatible with the Nest and if so, which Nest models. The compatibility checker recommended I post to this forum. We currently use a Honeywell thermostat and attached is a photo o...

dromero23 by Community Member
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Google Nest Customer Service

Customer service is in Honduras. Took 2 hours to talk to this person and still did not resolve problem. She actual asked me how to spell AOL!!!!! I'm so aggravated I am returning this piece of garbage and buying another brand!

DG3 by Community Member
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