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Nest Thermostats

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Someone was expected home

I have two nest thermostats in a guest house. They were installed this summer and work great except that they keep running the heating and cooling when the house is empty even for several days in a row. The usage history shows an event that says some...

Lkfraser by Community Member
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Multi zone heat and cool

I’m interested in getting the nest thermostat. I have a multi zone home. Here’s the interesting part. Zone 1 downstairs controls the heat and cool with 1 thermostat.Zone 2 heat thermostat is in the bedroomzone 2 cool thermostat is in the hallway.I un...

I'm home but thermostat still goes into eco mode

I installed two Nest Thermostats over the last couple days but find that even though I am home, both thermostats go into Eco mode at the scheduled time instead of staying in Comfort mode. We are in the house moving past the thermostats (Activity sens...

petra777 by Community Member
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Nest changes to Away but doesn't invoke Eco

Hi all, last year the Nest behaved as it should, ie when we went out the location changed to Away, and the heating went off (Away is set to Eco). This year it's still correctly reporting Away when we go out, but the heat stays on. The settings are st...

John99 by Community Member
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Firmware 6.22-22 broke app connectivity on nest thermostat

Since the 6.22-22 firmware update, the app has said my nest thermostat is not connected about once a day. Strangely, if I go to the thermostat itself it thinks it is connected. I have done a factory reset, but nothing changed. I have followed the ins...

bradbort by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat not staying charged

My Nest thermostat is not staying charged. We’ve had it for a couple years. I can take it off and charge it via USB but it will not maintain a charge once it’s back on the wall.

andyboger by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat with 2 stage heating system.

So have a second home and would like to install a nest thermostat. We have one at out other home so I am familiar with them. Problem I see with this home is it has a 2 stage heating system. when it is 32 degrees or warmer you can use the heat pump fo...

stat.jpg wires.jpg
Mbmaring by Community Member
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new furnace

Installed a new furnace having issues wiring it up to the new furnace

Careatti by Community Member
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