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Nest Thermostats

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Email notifications-monthly status

Our Nest Thermostat lost power last month (batteries)-at a house in a remote location. As a result, we did not receive a September Nest usage email. Is there any way to receive email notifications when power is lost? Or are there other email noticiat...

bwood1957 by Community Member
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Google Thermostat not compatible with Nest OR Home app?!

The thermostat flashes to install using Home. When I use Home, it says I actually have to use Nest. When I use Nest, it says the product code isn’t right or something. This makes no sense and is not easy to install at all, and I’m a computer person.

TimRose by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

I have a two-wire, heat only system. I installed the Nest thermostat and it worked fine, except for the N260 error. Per Google recommendation, I acquired a Nest Power Connector, instead of installing a "Com" wire. I followed the instructions to insta...

Frustrated beyond belief

I have had my Nest Thermostat for over 2 years now. I have had 1 issue over a year ago. The Nest team was excellent and after trouble shooting the problem they sent me out a replacement unit. That unit has worked great until the end of July. The sett...

Lost wifi connection with w5 message

My thermostat lost wifi connection yesterday. I've followed ALL of the tips and troubleshooting. My wifi is connected and very fast. I even uninstalled the thermostat and reinstalled via scanning the back. Please help

Nest thermostat installation

Can the Nest thermostat be installed laying flat? I see that the body contains a level, I guess must be level.

Dax627 by Community Member
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