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Nest Thermostats

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My thermostat is stuck in a loop of constant restarting.

I am finally getting around to set up my Nest Learning Thermostat (purchased early 2021). I attach, The G appears, pretty rainbow circles appear and then the message is "restarting be back in a bit". What does a "bit" equal? It has been an hour and t...

Jok by Community Member
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Fan runs constantly when Nest connected

Last night my furnace fan turned on even though the Nest Thermostat was set to OFF. I checked and there is no fan schedule setup. I removed the face of the thermostat and the fan turns off. Put the face back on and the fan turns on. This leads me to ...

Nest smart thermostat

Hello, I’m trying to install my new nest thermostat. The old one has two wires : one going into Y/W and the other one into G. There is also a jumper cable between RH and RC. Would someone be able to tell me how to connect those wires to my new smart ...

Heatlink cannot start boiler

HiWe have two nest thermostats and two heatlinks, each linked to a different set of radiators. The upstairs thermostat is working fine. The downstairs thermostat seems to be unable to turn on the boiler. If I turn on both thermostats, and ensure that...

bhaddow by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Gen 3 - low battery, not charging

Hi, My Nest is wall mounted and wired, but since last night has been showing low battery, and has disconnected from the WiFi.I have tried to charge it using the USB for 90 mins this morning, but with little success.I did get enough power to obtain th...

AndrewMcK by Community Member
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Nest thermostat gen3.

Installed thermostat 2018. Worked fine until today. Won’t go online and doesn’t light up when approached. Have restarted modem and router several times. Restarted thermostat. Did all the troubleshoot tips but can’t get it to stay on. I’m not tech sav...

Handy4u by Community Member
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Google Nest Thermostat for Carrier Infinity HVAC

Has anyone successfully install the latest Goggle Nest thermostat for a Carrier Infinity HVAC system? I have tried doing self-installed and received a N260 error code. I have reached to Nest Support and was informed to install the Nest Power Connecto...

IMG_5491.jpg IMG_5492.jpg IMG_5489.jpg
dyisdy138 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostats - What A POS SYSTEM THIS IS

I have a nest thermostat and a Nest E Thermostat - Each, separately, will connect to the app but once I try to connect the other one (BOTH) to the app it fails. For some idiotic monkey turd brained engineering - You can connect the first thermostat d...

kahukudgo by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat work with Honeywell r8184g4009 HVAC system

  Good Evening, I have a Honeywell r8184g4009 on a older oil furnace. I do not have a C wire on any of my thermostats. I also cannot locate an access panel on my furnace. Would a nest adapter work in my situation? I would love to purchase one but wan...

77726644-1F70-40CA-B009-E88C8EBD884B.jpeg 11640445-7CB9-4CE4-BF96-F9A12DC9CC1E.jpeg
Dmatt71 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Disconnected from wifi

Hello again all,I was provided with an incident reference number 6-4120000031957, awhile back and I replied with the required information but I have not heard back. Incidentally, my thread has been closed. Thank you.

valmichel by Community Member
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