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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Thermostat Scheduled/Manual operation?

Is it possible to suspend scheduled operation of a thermostat and switch to manual? The only way I can see to do this is to delete the schedule, but then I have to reconstruct the schedule to return to scheduled operation. I.m looking for a Manual/Sc...

icsurgeon by Community Member
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forgot pin, no app

Hello, we've been locked out of our thermostat and the device was previously removed from the app so i cannot reset that way. How can i work around this?

Dylan by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

My nest thermostat nest app says that I’m connected to an account. My phone app is asking for an “entry Key” and won’t connect until I put on me in. How do I proceed?

Grzes1t1 by Community Member
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Nest Gen 3 Heat Running when A/C is on

Hello, I'm trying to wire up my new nest and when I run the A/C, it turns the heat on. I'm pretty lost on what I'm doing wrong. Everything looks like it matches up properly. Any ideas? Thank you! This is the version I have:

20210911_173722.jpg 20210911_183803.jpg
smith6cr by Community Member
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Hi there! New to this Nest stuff. I just installed a thermostat and one room sensor. It was working fine but I turned off the Bluetooth on my phone as it was draining my Garmin watch battery. Is there a reason why I have to have the Bluetooth on my p...

Why is Nest trying to kill me

Ok. How do you turn OFF this home away feature? I work night shift, and randomly during the day as I sleep, the thermostat likes to turn itself into ECO mode and try to roast me in my sweat to wake me up early. I've turned off the phone feature that ...


Stupid thermostat thinks it has moved to Kansas

Had this for about 4 years it's been fine now today I notice it lists the outside temp at 98 we live in Parma, OH and it's not 98. Run thru setup and find it thinks it's in Mt Hope Kansas, how do I change the zip code or do I have to start over with ...

NJ by Community Member
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Nest not cooling

It has been 5 hours and my nest is still at 87! I wanted it be 74. It said in 2 hours but nothing. Why is the setting I choose not getting close to 74 and blowing hot air. Thanks

shell by Community Member
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NEST for Daikin

Hello,Can somebody tell me something about the Nest compatibility with Daikin systems? I have the FBQ35 VRV system and wired BRC series Daikin remotes. Can I change them to NEST? I have just only 2 contacts P1 & P2 which are connected to genuine remo...

STACE by Community Member
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