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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat

My nest learning thermostat keeps restarting, it says to preserve battery. But it is connected to mains power. Any ideas why this is happening and how to resolve this ?

Katie8 by Community Member
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Nest not connecting to app

I have a 1st generation nest and have always used the app. We got a new router and our nest is working but it is not connecting to my app

Alaniz by Community Member
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Nest Heatlink Not Heating

My Google Nest Heatlink doesn't turn on the heating to our boiler.There are no error messages on the thermostat and it is connected to the Heatlink ok.Our hot water works fine. If I set our boiler to on as opposed to off or timer then the heating com...

Fi1 by Community Member
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Nest (3rd Gen) Heat Link Dead (H71 Error)

My Nest Heat Link died and has no lights at all using standard mains power. This appears to be the same issue as for several other users.I think the solution is that the unit should be replaced and I understand BOXT are providing this service in the ...

ekarmanov by Community Member
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Nest will not reconnect to wifi

I am getting a w5 code when trying to connect to wifi after charging nest. It did connect at one time. I followed all the steps for this code several times and It will not connect. Any idea ?

Blonde by Community Member
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Thermostat reading too high a temperature

If your thermostat is reading too high a temperature, and you're powering it from an external 12v source, check that the source is DC not AC. I wired the thermostat to a handily located 12v doorbell transformer. I wasn't aware, but these are generall...

somerando by Community Member
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Dual fuel mirror nest not heating with new heatpump

Had a gree flexx heat pump installed in July. It cooled fine. We have a gas furnace as alternate. When switching to heat mode nothing happened. Tried messing with settings and started over. Tried both o and b option and only cool air comes through ve...

E194 error on Nest e controller

My furnace won't turn on. I am getting a E194 error. I have gone through the trouble shooting guide and it hasn't helped. Is there a phone # I can call to talk to someone in person?

Andrew06 by Community Member
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Daikin and Nest compatible?

Hello, I have Daikin Skyair rzq30tavjua. Was wondering if this was compatible with the Nest thermostat?

Ilzzz39 by Community Member
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