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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat goes offline at 6 AM

Every morning at 6AM my nest gen3 goes offline. At 7AM it comes back on line. I’ve done everything that I’ve read to do. Is there any help out there?

RayVSmith by Community Member
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My Google nest thermostat can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

When I got installed my thermostat I loved the look and functionality, until a couple days ago suddenly it stopped working. Displaying that Wi-Fi can’t find and searching for Wi-Fi. My other home Wi-Fi is working flawlessly. I tried resetting modem a...

YongOgle by Community Member
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Resolved! Google home support

Why isn’t there a support phone number available for the google home device? I try to answer the nest community but the reply button is inactive. This is the worst help support I have ever seen!

Dar2 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

Heating is coming on at any time, although it is in off mode. we are now in month of JULY and heating is not required. the only way to stop that is to switch off the unit at the mains.

mj9 by Community Member
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Nest no longer connects to wifi

Installed Nest 3rd gen thermostat in 2018. Every 8 months or so get error for no power detected, however 24vac power is present at thermostat, learned that "restart" fixes that. Now in 2023, thermostat can no longer connect to wifi, all other devices...

Pete-B by Community Member
  • 13 replies
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E298 Error code

This has been working fine, then suddenly stopped over night. e298 error code pops up. we are boiling in here. please help.

ManPizza by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat for several zones within my house

Hi, I have recently done the extension and refurbishment of my house and my whole has underfloor heating installed. My house has just one floor (ground floor). I have separated my house in seven different zones 5 Zones for each bedroom and 1 zone for...

google nest no longer connects to wifi

One of my two Nest thermostats no longer connects to my home WIFI. Using the Nest troubleshooter, I've performed a factory reset, deleted the device from Home. Via new device installation, Home correctly connects with the thermostat, validates power,...

myNest2 by Community Member
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Eco settings

I have set a schedule and turned every eco setting that I can find to off. And yet this thing keeps setting our temperature to 76. Last night I manually changed it to 70 at 8pm. Then when we went to bed at 10 it was 76 again. How do you stop this thi...

Toodle68 by Community Member
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