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No heat with New Nest (I Had a Nest e)

PG&E sent me a new Nest as part of their energy saving program. I kept the OLD "wiring harness" (from my old Nest E). Should the two harnesses be compatible with BOTH Nest and Nest E? The furnace works fine with my ancient thermostat by the wayBrianw...

Nest app no longer works with thermostat

We moved into a house that was already equipped with a nest thermostat a year ago. We were able to connect it to the app just fine and for the most part everything worked the way it should. That being said, multiple times a week (sometimes multiple t...

Nest learning thermostat

I have two thermostats one upstairs and one down the downstairs unit connected to app just fine, but I can not get the upstairs unit to connect at all, it just says keep trying… I have reset the unit to factory reset


Hi . I have changed my settings on the thermostat so my heating is on a timer (twice a day) . I have turned off auto scheduler and deleted the settings before creating a timed one but the nest thermostat still keeps coming on when it’s not meant to ....

two wires on old thermostat

I have an old thermostat that has two wires (white & red) and they are not labeled. What terminals do i connect each wire to in the Nest thermostat?

JoeG61 by Community Member
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nest e

last night tstat went to eco even though i was home and nest app shows add product yet it is still on ipad and google home. can't add because it is already there when scan code all programmed info still there wifi eco temps etc just messed up on nest...

jlg by Community Member
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Cannot connect during install

Hello,We are trying to install our new nest thermostat E - however it will not detect it during setup. We've tried multiple phones, scanning the dot matrix or with the code on the bottom - it won't progress. Is this image normal? 

smiller18 by Community Member
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Heat Link Box Dead, Need Nest Advisors Advice

Can anyone help me how to get hold of anyone with a fault problem with the heat link please? I have tried the obvious phone number, but gave up after waiting for sometime.The heat link has died, and I need advice where I go from here. Moved into a ne...

Resolved! No wifi for 3 weeks and no help.

Hi can someone give me some advice, my nest thermostat wont connect to wifi, I've had no help on here for over 2 weeks, do I pay someone to come and disconnect it so I can try to return it to the shop, I've owned it for 6 months tho. Thanks.

Bry by Community Member
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