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 USB terminal can't charge 

park by Community Member
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Google Nest Thermostat W5 Error

I have 4 Google Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Black.1 of them stopped working 2 days ago. Purchased within 1 year on 11/25/2020.The other 3 are still working fine.The non-working one indicates no network connectivity. When attempting to s...

mprescott by Community Member
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Nest thermostat won't connect to app

My 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat won't connect to the app. Everything else is good, including Wi-Fi. I tried both the QR code and the entry key. The QR code tries to connect then goes to an error. The entry key hangs and does nothing.

Bob3 by Community Member
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Nest update issue

I bought a new house last year with 2 furnaces working upstairs and downstairs I installed my gen 2 nest thermostat and bought a newer gen 3. They worked all winter and through this summer without issues. I switched my thermostats over to heat this w...

Free628 by Community Member
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New 3rd gen Nest showing the wrong temperature

Just got a replacement Nest because my old one wouldn’t connect to wifi and was randomly not working. now the replacement is showing the wrong temperature so the fan won’t kick on. It says that it’s reading the temperature in my apartment as 19C and ...

Got new pixel 6 Nest thermost

Got a new Pixel 6 phone. Nest thermostat is not showing in Home App or Nest App.Cant seem to get it going. Do I install it like a new thermostat?

k8oms-bob by Community Member
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3rd Gen Thremostat Can't Connect to Wi-fi

My 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat recently lost its ability to see wi-fi networks. It can't even see them, let alone access the one its previously connected to. I did a hard reset and that didn't work. I did follow all the troubleshooting steps for my h...

jimsey by Community Member
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