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Nest thermostat 3rd gen

hello everyone It’s have been several times since I got my thermostat. I was able to use my phone to control the temperature, but sometimes it shows up my thermostat is connect to WiFi but my phone says not so don’t know what to to lol Anyone has the...

DanielWC by Community Member
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Why is Nest turning my heat on at the wrong time?

Have had nest working for nearly a year now but recently it seems it seems to be having an issue. We have it set to be on for a couple of hours on morning, and couple in evening. However, at around the same time each day have noticed it coming on des...

HollyF by Community Member
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Resolved! Blinking red light no display

I dropped my nest thermostat. When I put back on wall it’s blinking red. I took off and put back on now blinking green then went back to blinking red. No display what should I do

Joann1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Energy History Report Colors

Hello, on the Energy History report using the Nest App, when the details of heat used on a single day is opened; there are dark orange sections and light orange sections.What do these represent? Do the dark orange sections represent Emergency Heat?

Collin by Community Member
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Checking thermostat triggers the heat to come on

It’s been cold here, and I’ve been going to the nest thermostat to check the outside temperature. Simply standing in front of the thermostat brings it to life and shows me the outside temperature, but now it also triggers the furnace to turn on. Why ...

Herb3703 by Community Member
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Resolved! 3rd generation Nest Thermostat

I am installing a 3rd generation Nest thermostat in a different location to the existing wired thermostat. If I use the USB port for power, will it still signal to the heat link over the wifi?

brian999 by Community Member
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NestThermostat, 3rd Generation with Ambient UFH

Hello I currently have a 3rd gen nest thermostat running my combi boiler. I am having an extension built with single zone under floor heating. The UFH is from Ambient and I have the UF4 controller with it. My question is can I run the UHF from the ex...

Resolved! Learning thermostat

Hi. I am new to the learning thermostat, had it installed replacing the traditional set up timer. We work all day so don't need the heating on. We also don't have the heating on though the night. How does it turn on in the morning prior tones waking ...

Lea23 by Community Member
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High and low temp in Nest app history

I'd love to request a feature in the Nest app. In the thermostat history, when comparing daily usage, it would be really nice if the daily high and low recorded temperature for the registered address could also be displayed therefore giving some cont...

EmilyR by Community Member
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