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E79 error

We have a Nest thermostat that we use to remotely control our vacation house HVAC, as we aren’t there for weeks at a time. tonight, for no reason, the thermostat displayed ERROR on my app. It says Error e79. But nobody has even been there, Nothing ha...

Fjmaess by Community Member
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E159 error

Power outage at remote vacation home, generator came on and a bit later power was restored. Unfortunately the nest thermostat e is now showing error E159 via the app and reporting temperature at 50 degrees…. No one at property at moment to do anythin...

MaryN by Community Member
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Cannot connect to assisting device

Installing my 2nd nest thermostat and it will not connect to the network on the last setup step., The fist n’est I installed 2 days prior is working great and I had no issues installing…I even switched the two and attempted to install it in the first...

Aa79912 by Community Member
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Fan not synced with Heatpump Heating/Cooling

Attached a MrCool Universal 3ton condenser to a Unico blower indoors. Wiring seems correct and I can get it to heat / cool mode via Thermostat and the condenser jumps on as expected BUT only the fan is either ON or OFF by me switching O to B in the a...

My Account can't be migrated

I am not interested in migrating my account. I just want to be able to change the temperature in my house! I can't manage to change to Google -- can't log in, don't get information, just get more and more frustrated. If I am unable to continue with t...

sutclifc by Community Member
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