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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Thermostat W5 error code

Hello, my Nest Thermostat gen 3 all of a sudden can’t find any wifi networks. It is giving me a W5 error code. I followed all the reset procedures on the help website but nothing seems to have worked. What else can I do to try and fix the problem? Is...

Jscafura1 by Community Member
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Nest 2 zone & Hot water

I've just had a new (conventional) oil boiler and cylinder fitted. I have 2 heating zones (separate valves) - Upstairs & downstairs. The Hot Water is a 3rd zone valve (S-Plus plan I believe).It is all controlled by a 3 zone programmer, the 2 heating ...

nads1978 by Community Member
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Where does the C wire connect on a custom radiant heat system

Electric hot water radiant floor system, working with nest except that it is complaining about lack of C wire: I have a 3rd wire through the walls that was unused in my previous thermostat which I connected to the C terminal on the nest. I can't figu...


Can’t setup nest thermostat

New nest thermostat tells me to connect to Google home. Google home tells me “install using the nest app” because they don’t support it yet. I scan the QC with the nest app and it tells me to use Google home. Endless loop here.

Quezbor by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest Reading Offline

My Nest is reading Offline on my phone/app. It says the battery is low, but it shouldn't especially since I removed it and charged it via USB. It's also giving me a w5 code unable to connect to the wifi?? I followed the instructions for troubleshooti...

MEveritt by Community Member
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Resolved! nest thermostat W5 error

A month or so ago nest thermostat lost wifi connection. Presents W5 error. Have tried all steps recommended for resolution with no success. Found article online that indicates this is a known issue and that it may not be possible to resolve and I nee...

BradG by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Unable to reconnect Nest Thermostat...... help!!

We've had some electricians in today. After our power was switched on again, our Nest Thermostat didn't reconnect to the Heat Link box. The Heat Link is showing a solid yellow light. I held down the button for 10 seconds in an attempt to get it to fl...

Normcash by Community Member
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