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My Country is not listed in my Nest 3rd - ANDORRA

Hello,I'm using Google est 3rd generation in Andorra - Europe and the city is not listed so outside temperatures are not correct, how to resolve this issue ? Knowing that the GPS fonction work well why not to let it free ? Specially for the meteo.Is ...

jitosin by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat partially obstructed

Hi all,We have a large, 5x5 Kallax shelf, and when we moved into our house the only wall it would fit on is the same wall where our thermostat is located, so with that the thermostat is at the back of one of the shelf cubes, but still very accessible...


WiFi w5 error

Worked for months then quit, all troubleshooting steps completed, still not working. Extremely frustrating.

calvin1 by Community Member
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Aux heat

I have a 3 zone system. The thermostat which is hooked up to where my master one used to be is able to use aux heat when I need it to. The other two are unable to use aux heat and only use the heat pump. The main thermostat did have an extra wire goi...

HardisonC by Community Member
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Feature Request: Link Mode on Multiple Thermostats

When switching modes (heat/cool), it would be very helpful if the Nest app offered to switch all thermostats to the new mode, similar to how it offers to change the Eco mode of all thermostats when one is modified.The reason is that I never want, for...

Resolved! 6 wires plus jumper wire to nest thermostat E

am I compatible with nest thermostat? if so, how can i connect wires to where? and how about c-wire?W - white, B - Blue, Rc - Red, G - Green, O - Orange, Y - Yellow, Rc&Rh - jumper, no c-wire*

Su by Community Member
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What thermostat can I get  

Sass by Community Member
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I have several Google smart home products none of which can find my wifi. It can locate the neighbor two doors down and some neighbors ink jet printer but not my router. Ive followed ALL of the troubleshooting steps and none have worked. Only excepti...

sklue by Community Member
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Changing Wi-Fi

How can I switch Wi-Fi admin and password to a new one on my best thermostat?

Acpthp1 by Community Member
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