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Cannot get video history from 2 cameras.

I am a new (2 weeks) Nest Aware Plus Subscriber. I can not get any video history from the 2 cameras I previously did not have video history subscriptions for. Who can I call or how do I fix this?

JenK by Community Member
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Estoy teniendo problemas para conectar mi cámara porque me dice que está conectada con el dueño anterior y no tengo idea de cómo comunicarme con el/ella.

Bebé2020 by Community Member
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App Google Nest Camera Battery Schedule

When will the functionality of the old Nest App come to Google Home?The new Nest Battery Cameras only work on Google Home and Google Home has no way to schedule alerts for the cameras. When will this feature come to Google Home.

Peeling Nest Hello & Yale + Nest lock!

Good day! Can someone point me in the direction I need to go for help? I'm not seeing an easy way to email the Google team for both my devices. We have the Nest doorbell and a Yale + Nest lock and love both, but they're peeling horribly. I expected s...

KRS10 by Community Member
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Nest Battery Cameras Have No Schedule Feature!

So the cameras are great, the Google Home app is great, config is simple....but they are either on or off. With the older cameras, you could set a schedule (on at 10pm and off at 8am)...this is not an option with the battery cameras. So this means th...

Lost mounting magnet

Where can I buy a replacement magnet for mounting an outdoor nest cam since I lost one for one of my camera’s?

Pablo28806 by Community Member
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