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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Triangulate source of gunfire

I am interested in using the video / audio recording from multiple Nest cameras in my community to attempt to locate the source of periodic gunfire. I have a good understanding of the math involved in the calculation, but one unknown is the accuracy ...

Nest door bell wifi issue

Has anyone manages to sort out doorbell constantly going on and offline it seems a common issue I'm on the verge of changing to another brand as keep missing visitors

Keith by Community Member
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Resolved! Cameras and routines

I have bot a nest indoor cam and a ring doorbell--both purchased two months ago. Neither is showing up as an option in routines. This includes bot Home/Away routines and new routines. No problem controlling them as on/off--just the routines. Any help...

wrightmd by Community Member
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Water inside my Nest Outdoor Waterproof camera

Dear Google Nest Team, I have called two days ago (case id: [9-9724000031808] to report that one of my outdoor cameras has water inside of it and therefore it is difficult to see what is displaying/recording. We had two hurricanes/tropical depression...

Nest notifications

I deleted a bunch of notifications from email and now cannot get notifications for two weeks.

Antonio by Community Member
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