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Resolved! Nest Doorbell Not Viewable on PC

I just installed my nest doorbell (battery) and configured it with the trial for Nest Aware. I see the camera on the Home app but not on On, I only see my existing thermostat.Thank you for reading and helping if you can.

jbenckert by Community Member
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No green grounding wire

I am installing the nest floodlight cam with no junction box and i have no green grounding wire will it work if i just ground the green cable to my garage wall with a screw or will it work without the green wire being connected

Elara1185 by Community Member
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Nest IQ Camera just stopped working

I have 4 IQ Outdoor cams. Three days ago, one of them just stopped working, no power, no error lights. What I did to figure out the issue1. Factory reset (disconnected from power source for 10 seconds and reconnected). 2. Dismounted camera from wall ...

GaryD by Community Member
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Resolved! What do you mean it stops at -20C?

Super disappointing, the camera should be illegal to sell here. If it stops working at -20c, how can you justify it? It's -20 almost every night for the next 4 months. What am I supposed to do?

Chasmyr by Community Member
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Nest doorbell - chime themes are missing

Hello - I recently purchased and installed my best doorbell directly from Google, following a recommendation of a friend. I've searched online and found nothing, but the seasonable chime themes are missing in my nest doorbell options in the nest app....

TeamDuck by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Cam videos not playing

Hi all,I have a Nest Cam Indoor which seems to be working well.However, when motion is detected and (I believe) a short video is recorded, I can't see any way of playing the video. This is true for both the Nest app and the Google Home app.I can see ...

Bridgey by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell (battery) Chime

Hi there, I have recently bought a Nest Doorbell (battery) and found there is no chime included. As I am doing it the wireless way, what wireless chime options can I purchase that could be compatible with my nest doorbell? Thanks

HKJC by Community Member
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No thumbnail with Google pixel

I have nest hello and indoor and outdoor cams. I get thumbnail notifications from my iPhone ,but now I have changed to a pixel 6 pro I do not get the thumbnail ,I can't understand that I get them with IOS but not a Google phone. The mind boggles.