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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest IOS app so slow to load video, it's become useless.

When I get a notification that my Nest Doorbell has spotted someone or there was a doorbell ring, I click the notification and sometimes it takes as long as 30 seconds before I can see the video or respond to the doorbell ring. I just get a spinning ...

natedilli by Community Member
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Cannot see 24/7 recordings since new update

I have Nest Aware and pay for the ability to see 24/7 recording. I have had the cameras for a couple years in this feature has always worked great. Since the update a couple weeks ago I have not been able to use this feature anymore. If I go look at ...

Mudotech by Community Member
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Nest Products in Home Support

I have a Nest Hello doorbell, two outdoor cameras, and an indoor camera, and Yale lock. I understand that I am not able to setup those devices in the Google Home application but what is going to happen to those devices in April of 2024 when the Nest ...

Familiar faces stopped notifying about week ago

Came here to see why Familiar Faces in Nest app stopped working a few days agoI have 1st gen outdoor IQ and nest hello doorbell and and about 30 faces all organized. Then a few days ago I notice I was getting less notifications and noticed all famili...

Nest keeps returning to login screen

I use the Nest App almost every day. Occasionally (about 1x / month) when I open the Nest app, it asks me to login again. When I complete the steps below Nest simply displays the first screen again asking me to login. over and over and over again. Th...

Marc08 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest Camera Doorbell Wired Reset

I would like to reset my camera/doorbell but it is installed to the brick outside of my home. I don’t want to remove it. My ex is the main account on it and when I removed him, I lost access as well. Can I reset without removing the doorbell somehow ...

Nest Floodlight Camera

Floodlight Camera says it's offline because the battery needs to be recharged. Ive done everything one can do to remedy the issue, short of buying a new one which isn't happening. There is no answer anywhere.

GH25 by Community Member
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Cameras won’t connect to Home App

All cameras were working just fine for months until 5/29 I get a notice that 2 outdoor battery cameras and wires doorbell are offline. Did all the basic - reboot modem, reset camera, updated apps and removed devices BUT now when I try to add them and...

Mrkpgg by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell 2nd Gen Wired not ringing on iPhone

I used to have the 1st Gen Wired Nest Doorbell and while using the Nest app there would be a doorbell ring on my iPhone anytime someone would ring the doorbell. Now that I upgraded it to the 2nd Gen wired I can’t get it to ring on my iPhone through t...