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Cameras and Doorbells

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1 second videos, all night long

I have an indoor cam in my living room and every morning there about 3 Dozen notifications of motion in that room. They are all 1 (one) second long. There is never anything moving in the room.I have tried everything I can think of to the room to fix ...

Emfo33 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Recording/motion detection gaps

There need to be controls for pre- and post- recording. I understand the doorbell will only record when motion is detected for battery saving, but it's faulty and these controls could compensate for that. For instance, my nosey neighbor approaches an...

Camera not showing up in app

I changed routers, deleted all the cameras from the old router and one camera is saying it’s attached to another account and I need to remove it before adding it. I switch to the old router and it doesn’t even show up on the app any longer, it’s comp...

FLgirl68 by Community Member
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Clock Time Display

There is a clock/time display at the top of my camera's live feed screen when I turn my phone sideways to enlarge the screen. How do I remove that or at least move it to a different location on the screen?? Being right at the top, it covers up import...

DogMama by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest Doorbell Battery Won't Connect to Nest App

I have installed the Nest Doorbell Battery operated unit and do not see an option to get it to show up within my Nest App. Only within Google Home. In the Nest App, I only see the option to connect a Wired Doorbell and not a Battery operated one. Is ...

richland by Community Member
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