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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Camera Preview/ No Events

Today my cameras inside and outside stopped showing the notification preview, no events, or ability to look back during the same day. It had worked perfectly fine and now suddenly stopped. I've checked all the settings, restarted the camera's, and ch...

Belle2298 by Community Member
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My chime connector

Hello my electrician installed my doorbell but never put in the chime connector. Long story short I need a new chime connector just wondering if I can get one.

FinnPF by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Need replacement shells bc of a dumb electrician

Hello,I purchased 3 Nest hello doorbells (model:NC5100US I think) back in 2021. I finally had an electrician install them a couple weeks ago and he didn’t read the directions. He filed down the top tab of the shell plate on all three. So now the door...

AHall by Community Member
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Doorbell unable to setup

Hi,During setup, I'm unable to connect to a joining device. I'd appreciate any tips. I have several devices already connected to the google home app. To troubleshoot, I've tried: ensuring wifi on phone is same as on main device; factory reset on door...

wil1234 by Community Member
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I have a few questions

Hey I have 2 questions…1) can I get my television to display camera ? 2) why won’t my app- on my iPhone- allow me to go back 15seconds anymore?

Switch cameras on/off using time schedule

I'm currently using the home and away routines in the Google Home app to switch my cameras on and off (Nest cam battery), even while I'm home. Is there a way to perform this action using a time schedule? I've tried fiddling about with other available...

Repeat64 by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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Doorbell transformer question

This is the label on my doorbell transformer. Can anyone tell me if this is compatible with the nest doorbell (wired) voltage requirements?  

Lmcg by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Replacement Magnetic Base for Outdoor Nest Cam

Has anyone been able to locate a place to buy a replacement magnetic base for a Nest Cam? I had my whole house painted a few weeks ago and the painters removed my camera and unfortunately I can no longer find the magnetic base. I have searched all ov...

Paul1454 by Community Member
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Resolved! Cameras and Home, I'm dead before warning.

If someone is breaking into my house, I'm dead before I can see the notification. I cleaned out my truck, put thing into the garage, talked to my wife and was on the way to Lowes before I got the notification that I was in the garage. Over the last t...