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Nest WIRED outdoor camera won’t add to G home

New challenge!Having bought a Nest outdoor wired camera for my parents’ house, I find that I can't add it to the Google Home app. Instead it asks you to set up using the Nest app. As far as I can tell, unless you have already had a Nest app/account b...

Nest outdoor WiFi issues

My camera is located 5ft from my router, steady wifi, 300MB speed, steady power, and it still disconnecting continuously for a long periods of time randomly.why? Is very annoying … @SupportTech any help?

Beltri by Community Member
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Nest cam

Just a question I have a new nestcam trying hook it up but it keep saying lookin for nest assistance then it route in a circle and can not locate the device can any on help me it see it when I scan the code but when it say can’t hook up

sound only announcement (no voice)

Has anyone figured out how to have the Nest Doorbell (battery) announce with the sound only ("ding dong") and NOT the voice ("someone is at..."). If not, it seems like a feature that would appeal to other users. I have several mini's and they are all...

Dadvid by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Wired

I've had my Nest Hello Wired Doorbell since 2018. It stopped working last month (just after the warranty expired) along with a lot of other peoples, from what I'm reading. I'm guessing it's the cold weather issue.I still get the slow blinking blue li...

El_Vee by Community Member
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Change email address for notifications

My account is currently set up to send email notifications to my Gmail account. How can I change it to an alternate email address that is NOT Gmail? Years ago, it was set up this way, but when Google bought Nest, my account was somehow linked and it ...

jetmeddw by Community Member
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