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Doorbell camera detecting the wrong person

Hi, when my dad walks up to the house, it detects him as my father in law. They look nothing alike. I have deleted my fathers photos from my FIL’s face and name setting but it’s still just saying it’s him, and not giving me the option to put my dad i...

Nest Doorbell not sending notifications

My Nest doorbell stopped sending notifications. Was working fine until a few days ago. Rebooted WI-FI and checked connection. No problem there. Checked all settings on phone to make sure notifications were on. Closed Google phone app and logged back ...

Nest camera charging

I have 2 nest cameras. One will not charge at all and the other will only slow charge. (Msg use a compatible adapter and cable to charge fast). I’m using the provided cable. Power outlets are good.

Unable to play back event history

For awhile now I am unable to playback event video history. I’ve made sure my subscription was currentAll updates currentUpdated and restarted phoneRemoved and reinstalled cameras to try and start over. Why am I paying for this if it doesn’t work??

Nest canera w pulsing blue light but no connect

I have used this camera successfully in the past, but not for several months. I plugged it in today, and the blue pulsating light around the land turns on. However, when I open up the nest app on my android phone, it tells me I am not connected and t...

Kds2233 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest cam going offline

Hi allall of my cameras have issues. They have all been working ok for months. They are all connected via proper external nest cam power supplies. One works for a few days and states “battery is empty” and and I am unable to access it. It then comes ...

Brianj38 by Community Member
  • 16 replies
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Beware bad customer support for Nest

Hey, just wanted to warn folks away from Nest customer care. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a group that was single-handedly this bad at supporting their products.(I’ve been stuck with a broken Nest doorbell for nearly a month, they sent the RMA...

Wfederman by Community Member
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Total waste of money!!

The Google nest cameras and doorbell are a total waste of money and time. It doesn't record every event especially the ones I set up in my zone. Bought from best buy, too late to return since it's outside of my return window. Google should be sued fo...

bnomadic8 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google Nest Cam (battery) not charging anymore

Hi I bought 2 pack Nest Cam (battery) from Walmart 4 months ago and they were both connected and plugged in and working. One on front yard and other in back yard. Now front yard one doesn’t have any battery and it does not charge at all. I’ve checked...

Sandeep23 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Doorbell won't connect

Doorbell was working great until I changed my router because our neighbours router had a stronger signal and our computers kept flopping over to their's (they are related) since then I can't reconnect the doorbell?I have reset the router, doorbell, a...

grechcam by Community Member
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