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Live View Unavailable - New wired indoor cam 2nd gen

Bought a new 2nd gen wired indoor cam today. Live viewing only works about 10% of the time. I also get notifications that the camera has been offline randomly. Most of the time it says "live view unavailable". It also seems spotty with its 24/7 video...

Nest Outdoor Camera is not detecting person or motion

Amazon (and UPS) makes deliveries and the Camera only reports "Sound" as the alert, seldom "Person" or "Motion", even when the Person walks across the field of view at <10' during daylight. All settings are maximized. See for yourself: https://video....

Ron55 by Community Member
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Google doorbell (battery)

The nest doorbell (battery) permits activity zones WITHOUT a subscription. The google store also says you can hardwire the battery doorbell.If you hardwire the battery version will you still be able to use activity zones without a subscription?if I b...

Best wireless doorbell

I am hopping to add a wireless doorbell to my security system. The ADT doorbell does not work unless the home is hard wired for a doorbell. I am looking at wireless applications to connect to my ADT system. I was told that the nest doorbell is compar...

MW2021 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Camera floodlights

My floodlights stay on all the time and do not shut down after a default amount of time.

jholden by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest hello video is pink

Hello I have had issues for a month now with my nest hello door bell. it is displaying pink / purple hue colour in 1 corner I checked the front of the lens and everything looks fine. I have tried a hard reset and reinstall and have the same issue als...

Shaun_c by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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How can I change the notification sound to a different ring tone because it’s the same ring tone as my SimpliSafe doorbell. The nest camera is being used at my moms memory care facility and I’d prefer to have a different sound to determine the import...

Nest Indoor Cam keeps powering off

I'm having a rather odd issue where my Indoor Cam keeps powering itself off for a period of time before starting up again. The light on the front goes off (I have it set up so that the light shouldn't go off in any other circumstances - I also don't ...

dartiss by Community Member
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Resolved! Battery-powered nest doorbell not chiming on nest hub (2nd)

I'm not able to have my wireless Google Nest doorbell either chime or announce on my Google Nest hub (2nd gen) when someone rings the doorbell. I believe I've followed the instructions properly, but don't know how to troubleshoot this problem. Any id...

Dmcc by Community Member
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Movement alerts on Google home displays

Just installed my nest doorbell but was shocked to discover that it only sends activity alerts to my phone and iPad - but not to any of my Google home displays!! The whole reason I bought the Google doorbell was to integrate with other Google hardwar...

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