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Cameras and Doorbells

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Camera notification not on nest home

I just subscribed for service but I don’t have a way to turn on/setup my camera notifications. I migrated over to google home and when I go to notifications to set up my cameras there isn’t any option to choose. The only choices I have under notifica...

Low battery even when plugged in nest camera (battery)

Hi i bought two nest camera (battery) around 2 months ago and recently one of them, the one I’m the quietest location, has started running out of battery all the time even though it is plugged in using a google 5m cablewhen I check the charging statu...

nest notification clips not playing

whenever i get a notification about, for example, my living room camera, i pull up the notification and the video just never loads. the spinner just spins and spins and spins. i can pull up the live feed with no issue, but i cannot for the life of me...

2021 Nest Cameras on Alexa Show

I am having problems adding the 2021 model cameras to Alexa control. 1. Bought 2 new model 2021 Nest cameras.2. Downloaded Google Home app on iPhone.3. Scanned QR for cameras and added them to Google Home fine on my Google account.4. Opened Alexa app...

jmor by Community Member
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Nest Floodlight Cameras - Unable to connect to Google

When I try to add my Nest Floodlight camera to my system, i get an error stating "there was an issue contacting Google". If i change from using my Comcast wifi and use my cellular hotspot for wifi instead, I am able to setup my Floodlight camera fine...

Grifilken by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Showing motion on Google nest hub

I live in an apartment where there's 4 other people that my nest doorbell battery will pick up. Is there a way for my Google Nest Hub Max to show the doorbell camera on its screen every time there's motion? So that i don't have to pick up my phone, u...

Tomes66 by Community Member
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nest outdoor IQ cameras

I have 3 IQ outdoor cameras. Periodically, seemingly, for no reason, 1 will go offline. After a short time, the video appears on my Nest Hub. Then, periodically, all 3 will go offline. Usually, this also clears up, but sometimes after many hours. I h...

macspl006 by Community Member
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