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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest doorbell

I got a new Nest Doorbell battery version. I went through the set-up and got to the wifi network part. I chose my wifi then put in password and checked the box that said remember this password for the future. The next step gave me an error that said ...

Kedar21 by Community Member
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NC017(3.3) error setting up nest hello

I am getting an error NC017(3.3) when I try to setup my doorbell. I have nest thermostats and two of the new nest snow cameras on my network without any issues. But when I try to add my doorbell it fails. I am using the same network, I have tried reb...

KenMoylan by Community Member
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Connecting a 2nd phone

how do we add my phone to the nest camera? We’ve set it up on my partner’s phone , which is working fine, but really struggling to add me too. We’ve added me to the family group using Google home and it shows me on the family group, but I can’t see a...

Andrea249 by Community Member
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Schedule Camera Alerts

Just spent a small fortune to replace all my cameras/doorbells with the latest Google Nest devices.Am I being crazy or does it seem that you can't schedule alerts via the google home app? I.e. if I only want the cameras to send me alerts between 10pm...

WhatARob by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! Nest Doorbell Battery with Byron 776 Chime

I have wired my new Nest Doorbell (Battery) to my home’s existing Deta c3504 mains powered chime with integrated transformer (output 10V AC). The doorbell charges fine, but the chime does not sound and the doorbell does not recognise that it is wired...

brisgasdoc by Community Member
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No history even though I got a message for movement

Hi, I received a message last night about activity. I just woke up in the middle of the night at about 10:32pm as I went to the footage it showed from 11pm- present. I couldn’t go back any further than last night at 11pm there’s literally no footage....

Nest IQ Indoor Wall Mount

Hi, I purchased a Nest IQ Indoor camera but it did not come with a wall mount. I was wondering if could be sent one? Thank you, Michael

zrepiV by Community Member
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