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Need reset?

I'm trying to set up my new Nest battery doorbell. Directions say to wait for the white light to turn blue, but it never does. Other threads on this forum suggest sticking a paper clip into the reset, but I don't see anything that I can stick a paper...

RikBarnes by Community Member
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Nest cam indoor 2 no sound notifications

Hi! I bought several Nest Cam Indoor v2. Unfortunately I cannot add these in the Nest app om iOS; I have to add them in the Google Home app… after adding them to Google Home they wont show up in the Nest app… So, I can view the cameras in the Google ...

Milko by Community Member
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Spotty reception

Does anyone else have issues with the google nest outdoor camera reception? Seems I'm always having to wait to see a picture and then 50% of the time it says there are issues with reception and perhaps its the battery. So I invested the 40 bucks to h...

tucron by Community Member
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Doorbell nest

I have four wires two from basement and two up.Can I connect two two wires to each leed?

jimeturk by Community Member
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Nest Cam battery with nest aware

I recently added two nest cam battery cameras to the outside of my house and they are wired up to an outlet. Should I be able to get 24/7 recording with that now and not just events that the cameras caught on their own?-David

dgt1128 by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Nest Hello - visitor announcements on a per device basis

It seems completely unbelievable to me that there is no option to set the doorbell chime on a per device basis or even set the volume on a per device basis like you can for alarm volume and the main volume. Having a load of hubs and speaker around th...

MarkFi by Community Member
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Migration issues

Ok I have had nest app with no issues for about 3 years and now I bought a few other cameras and want to put all together on Google home or keep on nest app. I just paid subscription for 1 year nest aware. I was adding the new cameras to google home ...

findley4 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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1st Gen camera will not connect to wifi.

1st Gen camera will not connect to wifi.FYI... (Max Hub camera, nest hello doorbell, and another 1st gen camera is working fine so no issues with router settings or internet access).Just can't figure out why another camera will not connect.

Sara-Cam by Community Member
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Hardwire connectors went bad

Hi There, I have had our doorbell since November, recently the house power stopped working on the doorbell. I removed the doorbell to discover the connectors have gone bad. I tested the power, everything seems fine there. How can I get replacement pa...

Quick Responses Doorbell

Hi is anyone aware if Google have plans to offer a wider selection than the 3 pretty useless standard quick responses? I know we can use the chat function but this doesn't help in situations where I'm in a noisy environment or say a business meeting....

Mcfanky by Community Member
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