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Cameras and Doorbells

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Missing Wedge Screws

I am missing the two wedge screws to mount my google battery doorbell to the wedge plate outside. Where can I purchase these screws and exactly what size are they? Will google send me the two missing wedge screws?

miannelli by Community Member
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Nest Doorbel mit Kabel

Hallo, habe eine Nest Doorbel mit Kabel. Sie ging Gestern offline und lässt sich nicht mehr verbinden. Lässt sich auch nicht auf Werkseinstellungen zurück setzen. Wenn ich beide Knöpfe drücke, soll ein Ton zu hören sein und der Leichtring dann gelb l...

KaterLeon by Community Member
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I have a nest hello installed on my side door and it works great. I’m trying to install a new one on my front door and when I’m disconnecting the old chime and putting it in the new nest chime the transformer wire is already in the existing nest. How...

217nolan by Community Member
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Nest Cam Notification

Hellois there a way to get nest camera notifications on my phone through the Google home app (this is set up) but also on my Google home hub (2nd gen) simultaneously? Can it also open the live feed upon receiving a notification on the home hub? thank...

MrJax by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Best camera cord replacement

One of the not so joyful experiences with puppies is that they chew. Can the nest cam power cord be replaced? Thanks

MMM13 by Community Member
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