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Cameras and Doorbells

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Unable add wireless nest camera to nest app

I just bought the latest nest camera, the activation of the device is complete via the google home, but I am unable to add the new camera to the nest app, the new wireless camera doesn’t have a 6 digit code on its mounting plate, any suggestions? Tha...

JPG by Community Member
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Google Wired Doorbell

Help please! I have installed our doorbell and replaced the transformer because our first one didn't have high enough voltage and was starting to burn. Now, with the correct transformer it is starting to smell like the first one began to. Please help...

callie by Community Member
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New nest battery camera not setting up in Google home app

I can’t add my new battery nest camera in the Google home app. It can’t find another device to connect to. I’ve tried about 17 times. I’ve reset my Google Wifi and mesh points, the new camera is plugged in directly next to the router so there’s no in...

Dak_b by Community Member
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Doorbell Peeling

I just noticed that my Google Nest doorbell is also peeling. The crack is starting around the button and little bits are falling off. It is out of warranty, but can't anything be done? It sounds like many people have reached out but few have met with...

Camera audio won’t play through headphones

Whenever I use my iPhone to view camera feed everything functions decent, but if I connect my headphones the audio will continue playing through the phones speaker. If my phone gets an alert the chime plays through the headphones but still won’t play...

NestN00b by Community Member
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IMPORTANT UPDATE Nest Door bell and Yale lock

Will be really great if when some ring the nest door belt, we are able to unlock a yale lock on the same screen , without having to go back in the app then pressing the unlock . this are a really expensive combo not to have this features. Every time ...

New Nest Hello - Pink Video From The Start

i just received a REPLACEMENT Nest Hello Doorbell.The video feed is pink. The nest hello i am replacing in the same place was not pinkso it seems the replacement is defective fright out of the box

burntgold by Community Member
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Two cameras

Purchased second Nest outdoor camera now I do not have past video feed. Account says I need a subscription. All ready have the camera connected to my account. The first camera allows me to see the previous 30 days. Not the new camera. Thanks for your...

Pilot464 by Community Member
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