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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! Nest cam with floodlight app

I’ve just installed a nest cam with floodlight and it’s not appeared in the nest app?? It’s installed in Google home ok?? Ive went into the nest app and tried to add the camera and it asks me to install via Google home. I click on Google home link , ...

Nest Outdoor Camera - Won't Power On

Hi! Absolutely LOVE my nest cameras and have for years. Recently, one of them powered off and got disconnected and for the life of me, I can't get it to turn back on. Do these have fuses that blow and need to be changed? Or internal hardware that can...

richard382 by Community Member
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Nest camera magnet lost

I have lost my magnetic mount and Google will not sell me a replacement and no third party mount exists. I am currently paying for nest aware and will be forced to go with another brand and subscription if Google cannot get it together and start sell...

Nest Cam Battery

I recently purchased a weatherproof cable for my Nest Cam Battery with the belief that I would be able to have 24/7 continuous recording...that and not having to charge the camera every couple weeks. I don't seem to have the ability of continuous rec...

Can I use Nest camera as standard IP cameras?

Nest cameras are great with all AI capabilities related to Nest Aware, but... In case if I want to build my own recording environments in feature with Google AI, Tensor Cores etc. Or just simply change it to old fashioned IP Cameras - Can I connect t...

Wadera by Community Member
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