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Cameras and Doorbells

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Saving Nest Cam with Floodlight video

I am attempting to make a video for the police of a break-in of my car. Because the google home app only allows you to save video of "events" it captures when the person went into my car and out. but not during their time in my car. The Nest app allo...

Nest Aware on new camera

Hi, I bought a new camera for my backyard. Already having 2 Doorbell cameras i Nest/Google account. Tried to add the new camera in Nest app, but had to set the camera up in Google Home app. Now it is not in Nest app, or in Nest Aware. How do I fix th...

Streaming google indoor cam to Chromecast built in tv

Hi, I've purchased the latest Indoor Nest camera v 2.0 and configured in the Google Home app. I can watch the camera from the Google Home app, but when I try to use google assistant to stream to my Sony Bravia with built-in chromecast, I get the mess...

Remove + sign

My camera cannot work because I can’t remove the + sign when I click on the app

mcovey565 by Community Member
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Doorbell connect with smart things

Hello, I have just brought a new google nest doorbell (latest one out not hello). and smart things doesn’t seem to recognise it?! anyone else have this issue? Any solution?

James5 by Community Member
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Unable to set up camera

Unable to set up wifi nest cam in google home app. I did it successfully at my parents house but when I came back home from Xmas break it would t go back online. I removed the device and tried to re add it but it keeps coming up with “something went ...

SPoppi by Community Member
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Google Nest Cam doesn't send notifications

Hi,I installed 3 Nest Cam (battery), no issues other than no notifications on my phone.Samsung Galaxy A51, all up-to-dateI have tried a (3 year older) device (running on a 3 x older version of Android) and notifications work fine.Have tried every tro...

SamGray by Community Member
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Hub mini will not ring when Google nest doorbell activated.

Hi, got a doorbell battery version but there is no way i can make it ring on my google nest hub mini.So when the button is pressed i get notification on the phone, but no sound on the hub. Can anyone help?The solutions from other posts are no helping...

Rlukasik by Community Member
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