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Streaming app issues chromecast

Since I did factory reset and firmware got updated to 1.56.291998, casting CraveTV app from iOS became problematic. It's able to cast but episodes would stop in a few minutes then next episode plays then stop again after few minutes just to move to t...

Connect Chromecast to phone mobile data no Wi-Fi available

I don’t know how to connect to my Chromecast as it’s still trying to connect with my old internet connection but I don’t have any internet so I was trying to connect the Chromecast to my mobile data and I have been trying for hours if anyone can help...

Resolved! No audio on tv

I've tried every solution on the net and I still cannot get any audio at all when casting to my TV from my phone

Lynnec008 by Community Member
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Volume keys on phone

Why is it not possible to adjust the sound volume with the side keys buttons (up and down) on the left side at the phone anymore? This was possible before even if the screen was locked and unlocked.

Mattiz by Community Member
  • 16 replies
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YouTube Music issue with casting

I’ve been having this issue for over a month now. Whenever I try to cast YouTube Music it casts to the correct speaker and starts connected, BUT in the YouTube Music app the song goes to 0 seconds long and the album artwork is black. I’ve done the fu...

brak dzwieku w chromcast

Witam.Mam taki problem ze przypadkowo nacisnalem jakis przycisk na pilocie od chromcasta i na aplikacji Iptv na ekranie pojawila sie ikona glosnika i niema dzwieku,czy ktos moze mi doradzic jak to naprawic.

ARTUR1A by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Chromecast (un)reliability

Has the first generation Chromecast been abandoned by Google?I have been a long term advocate and supporter of Chromecast having had 5 of them. One for each TV in the house, one Audio version for amp/speakers and one spare for taking on self catering...

Navrig by Community Member
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Casting music from Chromecast 3rd to Chromecast Audio

Hello,is there a possibility to cast the music directly from Chromecast 3rd generation to Chromecast Audio? Currently, the Chromecast Audio casts the music and video to the TV but I want to hear the music from the speakers connected to the Chromecast...

sqrn by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! Chrome cast background pictures

Hi, i see some good pictures every on chrome cast background and the name of that person that click or upload the pictures. I just want to know how i upload my best click pictures for chrome cast background. I want people see my click pictures on chr...

My screen is black and white

Hi, I’ve only just re set up my chrome cast after doing the factory reset the images portrayed on the loading screen and as well as when I cast from my phone with the likes of Disney+ my videos are all in black and white how do I change it and get it...

Megs120 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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