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Updates on Nest Protect and pending Scottish legislation changes

Hey everyone, I appreciate everyone’s patience as they’ve shared their feedback and questions regarding the pending Scottish legislation changes. We’re aware of the proposed legislation changes to the fire and smoke alarm standard in Scotland requiri...

RachelC by Googler
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Nest Detect won’t light up

One Nest Detect on my system went offline and no longer lights up. I changed the battery but it still won’t light up. All troubleshooting entails holding the button for 10-15 seconds and waiting for a light indicator. However literally nothing happen...

zigo23 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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smoke sensor problem

I have taken the nets protect apart and there was no dust. I cleaned the disc and put in new batteries, still a smoke sensor problem. How do I get it replaced under warranty? 06AA01AC142002hc Manufactured April 01,2020 Replace by April 01,2030

How do we separate two interlinked properties?

We have two holiday cottages equipped with Nest Protect. When someone burns toast in one property, the alarm activates in both properties, causing huge confusion for guests! How do we separate the accounts?

Wired NP Chiming and Saying Hello

I had my NestProtects for 4 years now. They are all wired. Last night 1 NP kept chiming, turning off then on and saying Hello. It is now offline. The same thing happened about a month ago and then it stopped. We can't sleep in the room.

KP by Community Member
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Battery life

How long dose the batteries last in nest protect

1234 by Community Member
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reistalling a device

trying to reinstall my smoke detector when I get to the point that it is looking for the device the app just shuts down. I have reset the smoke detector to factory settings and it still does the same thing

Jtom by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Nest smoke detectors

Nest smoke detectors, is there anyway to change the order in which they’re listed on the app without deleting them and re-adding them back in?