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Is my two wire system comptable?

I have just two wires, both solid, a white wire going to the W terminal and a black wire going to the B terminal of my current thermostat. Can I use your Google Nest Learning Thermostat in my home? You compactivity checker told to take a photo of the...

TomW by Community Member
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incorrect temperature reading on Gen 3

My Nest Gen 3 thermostat has begun to display the incorrect temperature. This becan after an electrician switch the common (C ) to the Fan (G) terminal and then back to the (C) after trying the fan only option.I have restarted & factory reset the dev...

Jarpino by Community Member
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How to set Nest remotely without the app

Is it possible to use the web to set my Nest 3rd gen learning thermostat remotely without having to install the Nest App ? If so what is the website address ?As far as I know this was possible before the Google/Nest merging.

disco1999 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat says on but house isn't heating

I'm away from home. I've checked my Nest App and seen the heating appears to be on but the house is not heating. I'm returning tomorrow and expect the house to be cold! It could be a problem with the boiler, but is there any way I can check this in a...

Rev by Community Member
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White wire connected to Aux bridged with E

My current Honeywell thermostat has a White wire connected to the heat pump AUX, additionally there is a short red wire connected to both the AUX and E. Where would the white wire connect on a Nest thermostat?

JS7 by Community Member
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Google Nest Thermostat E with heat link

Sorry I recently brought a flat with a google nest thermostats E with heat link already installed. I believe I have reset both devices back to default settings but when it comes to linking the two devices I get this error message. Someone please help...


Two nests on two system solution

I have a two separate heating and cooling systems. The heat (radiator) get extremely hot upstairs but downstairs where the nest locate is colder…I found the solution last year to have the fan from the cooling system run 15 mins ever hour so it distri...

Nest thermostst just stopped working

Hello all, my nest learning thermostat just kinda stopped today. It no longer recognizes that it's attached to the base. I checked the wires, recharged it, but when I put it on the base it just says, attach to base and blinks green on top.

Cidniz by Community Member
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