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Nest Thermostats

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Wiring help

I’m really confused with the wiring for my thermostat! My setup it as follows:Y1,Y2. (2 stage cooling, they’re red and white)G. (Fan; it’s green)R (power, red, I assume heat!)C: black wireX: blue wire (?common ground??) I don’t know what to do with t...

Zakhaj by Community Member
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Nest App Problems

So, I bought my Nest Learning Thermostat with two Nest Temperature Sensors 6 days ago. Everything great worked until Saturday (Day 4). The Nest App on my phone said the thermostat was offline. I went to the thermostat and the thermostat said it was c...

Electric furnace and Heat Pump

Hello,Recent Nest Learning thermostat (3rd gen) buyer.I have a new construction detached family home in Quebec, Canada. We have a forced air central system. We have an electric furnace in the basement and we also have a heat exchanger outside. The wi...

Dilon_V by Community Member
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Two stage HP dual fuel emergency heat

I have a new two stage heat pump backed with a gas furnace configured as the auxiliary heat source. The issue I’m seeing is that if the power goes out my generator is big enough to power everything but the heat pump so I’d like to configure everythin...

Rewiring Nest 3 to Lennox EL296UHV

I'm looking to add an AC unit to my hvac system. I've learned, as I receive bids, that when the previous owners installed the 2 stage furnace (title) no one bothered to replace the 2 strand thermostat wire so my nest hasn't been properly controlling ...

Thogsmash by Community Member
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2nd Google Nest won’t connect to Wifi

Hello! I recently installed 2 Nest Thermostats in my house. The first one went without issues, but the 2nd one won’t connect to the network Wifi. I’ve tried numerous things such is resetting the Nest, unplugging and removing the batteries, restarting...

ReggieSD by Community Member
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Braeburn Model 5000 compatible?

I was wondering if my furnace is compatible with a Nest Thermostat. I have Braeburn Model 5000 one now. I am posting a picture. I do not see a G wire.Thank you,Tony

Tony617 by Community Member
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Learning and Regular NEST thermostat setup- Mix?

Hello, I have two zones and want to replace both existing thermostats with Nest. Can I install a Learning NEST in one zone and the new regular Thermostat in the second zone? OR does both need to the same type?Thanks for your help

KRISP by Community Member
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