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I am unable to control my ac with my phone 

bl by Community Member
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Question about thermostat wires

My old thermostat had a white wire going to W and a red to Rc. There was a jumper wire connecting Rc to Rh. There were no other wires. When I connected my Nest, I got an error message saying it needed power. That's presumably what the jumper connecte...

lknobel by Community Member
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Entry key not accepted

Hi I'm having problems entering the key pass onto my Nest home app there is a hyphen after the numbers and the app will not accept the hyphen, so obviously It says invalid password, so what can I do? Please refer me to the above issue and not the set...

Drewsb by Community Member
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6.2 update to thermostate does not work with Nest app

I have a Gen 3 nest thermostat. After google auto updated to 6.2 the Thermostat would no longer respond to command OFF from Nest App. I set thermostat to factory default. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Nest app, as requested by customer support. I...

Wiring Nest Thermostat with Rheem RQPM-A036JK

I am familiar with the concept of the C wire and how things will work, but I am unsure exactly how to wire the Nest Power Connector at the heat pump because it has too many wires labelled C. It is a Rheem RQPM-A036JK. I hope to hook it up today becau...

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LDempke by Community Member
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App not working

App isn’t working. Thermostat works fine but can’t connect to app at all. Every time I try it says having connection issues try again in a few minutes. I believe there is a major problem with Google cloud which may be directly effecting the app. Not ...

Render06 by Community Member
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My thermostat that is a year old became unresponsive. I worked with Google in a chat session for over an hour trying to fix and was unable to. I then had to call my HVAC to come look at the issue. They said the entire system is working fine and narro...

Heat link no working

Had nest 3rd gen with heatlink working no problems for 15 months, now suddenly heatlink is not working, no lights