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Nest Thermostats

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Reset has resulted in fan blowing cold air when in heat mode.

We moved into our house in 2018 and the Nest E thermostat was already installed. The thermostat has been working fine for five years with one intermittent issue…the heat would occasionally go on in the middle of the night when it was supposed to be o...

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ELL2 by Community Member
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Hot water schedule/boost increments

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the increment timings to less than 30 minutes? So for example I could boost or set a hot water schedule for 10 minutes rather than the full 30 minutes. This would be useful to me and potentially save energ...

Xjacko by Community Member
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Boost hot water via Alexa voice command

I have recently had the Nest thermostat installed in my home to replace my old 'Cosy' smart thermostat. One thing I have noticed that appears to be missing is the ability to boost the hot water via an Alexa voice prompt. Are there any plans to add th...

Xjacko by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Temperature Sensor Issues

Temperature sensor used to work but failed to sense any temperature a few days ago. Bought new batteries to replace but it can't and won't connect to my thermometer anymore. I require some guidance. Thank you

Jotaro by Community Member
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Nest doesn't like my Bluetti

I installed a switched receptacle and a short length of cord with plug in the power line to the gas furnace in order to simply change to a different power source in case of a power failure. My alternate power source is a Bluetti AC200 MAX. The Bluett...

nest thermostat

This thermostat was installed by the maintenance in my apartment, and threw away the steup with QR code away by accident... need help

kinyah by Community Member
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r is missing code

im getting a code of e294 r is required no power i have striped and reinserted wire and restarted what do i do

ebodisch by Community Member
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Resolved! Connecting Nest to Trane GEVB

Hello!I am trying to install a Nest Thermostat, Charcoal, model: GA02081-USThe current HVAC system is a Trane, model: GEVB00911M01A0TRD000000100000000000The Trane handles both heating and cooling/AC for the condoThe current thermostat is a Honeywell ...

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ZeroDay by Community Member
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