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Nest Thermostats

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WiFi connectivity for thermostat

All of a sudden one of my thermostats lost connectivity w wifi. I have restarted the network and it’s fine. I restarted the thermostat as the online help suggested and nothing. Any ideas. By the way the other two are doing fine

Kkendall1 by Community Member
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I never get any verification code to set up or log in?

Nest not finding network wifi

Hi,My Nest Thermostat is not picking up any networks. I disconnected my router and restarted all devices, and tried connecting to a hotspot…it’s still saying there are no networks available. Any idea on how to proceed?

LYoung by Community Member
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E102 error code

WTF was working fine until an hour ago as soon as i switched from ac to heat , once again WTF

Nest Home/Away has a mind of its own

I have the Nest app and Home app on my phone and my wife's phone. I manually warm up the house in the morning when I am getting ready for work, but shortly after I leave, the thermostat resets to "away" mode and she freezes. I have turned off all hom...

sagewiz by Community Member
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Nest Humidifier Control

Our Nest turns our humidifier on and off when needed. Here is the issue. Our Nest thermostat is on the 1st floor and our Aprilaire 700 is in the basement and they read different R/H percentages. The Nest normally reads R/H less than the Aprilaire 700...

Can not get Google Alexa to find Nest G4CVZ

Have updated the nest app on my phone to the most currentHave tried add the device via the Alexa add deviceThermostat / google nest / and followed the Alexa instructions (never finds it)Tried to to scan the QR code on the back of the thermostat using...

dhmeiser by Community Member
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Temperature shown on the display.

Hallo,I'm using this Thermostat since 2020 and I asked for a solution, but no way.Now I try again and I hope someone can help me.I would like to know if there's a the possibility to show decimal points with higher resolution on the display (actually ...

Gioweb by Community Member
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