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Nest Thermostats

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How do I turn eco off

pamr7777 by Community Member
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C wire for Nest

The air handler has a C terminal. Can I wire so that I can use the C terminal on the Nest?4 wire cable

RH6754 by Community Member
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Star Terminal

Can you program the star terminal to control a normally open heat valve?So that the star terminal supplies voltage (NC) to the valve to keep it closed when heat isn't needed and then then opens to allow the valve to open.

frazld24 by Community Member
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Nest steam boiler wiring

Hooking up to steam boiler. Old tstat was two wire. Originally hooked the boiler wires to W and R boiler worked but no constant power to charge the nest. Got 24v transformer. I know one wire goes to the C. Does the other one go to R and share with th...

tekebird by Community Member
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how to get help by phone. I don't post anything. where is the support?

JBB by Community Member
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nest thermostat

i have a 2 wire system. one wire goes to rc witch is jumped to rh and the other wire goes to w. is this compatable?

eugene by Community Member
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All My Nest Thermostats on One Screen

Our new Google Nest thermostats are working great. I love the control via the Home app and Nest speakers. I do wish though that I could see/adjust setpoints and view current temps on all my thermostats from one screen in the Home app. Thanks!

dbridges by Community Member
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Trouble with Heat Turning on

When I turn my heat on it does not come on. If I switch to Eco and then turn Eco off, everything works until the next cycle.

dtanforan by Community Member
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