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My current Honeywell thermostat has 2 wires. One is Red to the R and Rc connection and a White wire to the C connection. It controls both heat and AC. Will my new Nest Learning Thermostat work with this set-up? how can i set up the Nest Learning Ther...

Unable to connect to wifi

HelloLike many others one of my nest thermostats have lost connection to the wifi. I have performed all of the recommended steps in troubleshooting guide. I have another nest that is working fine. I can not see ping data and the weave shows no connec...

Ltpjunk by Community Member
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Setting my thermostat while on vacation

Good evening. I have left on vacation and want to make sure that my settings are ok on my thermostat. I would like the cooling and fan to stay off until I get back. What setting do I need to use? Presently I have set my thermostat at 80. Because it i...

Nest thermo power issue

Brand new Nest learning thermostat. Best Buy tech says I don’t have enough power to run thermostat. I had a regular one and it worked fine. I only have boiler to control so two wires.

Worse customer service

I have been trying to replace my not working thermostat after only couple of months and google can’t get me a replacement for more than two months now. This is the second one that broke in couple months. While I got the first one replaced, I was char...

Rbg by Community Member
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Cannot complete setup in Nest App; hangs on serial number entry

Today I installed a Nest Learning thermostat and when I try to setup the Nest app on my phone it stalls on 'Choose the last 4 digits of your devices serial number'. The page does not display the serial number at all and there is no way to get past th...

edxxx002 by Community Member
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