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We can’t connect the doorbell to WiFi 

Sueloyd by Community Member
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App offline everyday!!!

I am so fed up with the Nest app. It says offline everyday now. (Thermostat works fine). If I go to the thermostat and cycle through the settings and generally just mess around with it then the app will "read" the thermostat again. The troubleshootin...

Thermostat back online

Lost WiFi and internet and could not get thermostat back online to use with App. Then one came on then the second.l after two hours.

John92 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat app doesn't show temperature presets

On the app I go to temperature settings and select temperature preferences to adjust the presets. however the only options are Eco Temperatures or Safety Temperatures. So how do I find and adjust the presets using my phone?

smyfitz by Community Member
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I have restarted my router- over ten times, I have restarted my Nest, reconfigured the router, you name it….and it continues to go offline….. any other suggestions here??!!! I’m at a loss….it’s a year old!!!!

Csletch79 by Community Member
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I have a heat pump and have an 8 wire thermostat. I have searched and cannot find exactly how to install it. I have a red (connected to R), white (connected to WT), yellow (connected to Y1), green (connected to G), orange (connected to O), blue (conn...

ROBIII by Community Member
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Icon stuck on the screen

I have a thermostat with nest and it’s stuck on like a smart device with a home and Arrow in there. It won’t come on I’ve tried charging it , plugging it into a laptop etc. No joy. Did anyone resolve theirs ?

Google Nest 3rd Gen not controlling boiler

HelloHad a Google 3rd Gen fitted to my new Worcester Greenstar 8000 boiler (definitely compatible) today, but it doesn't seem to control the boiler, which relentlessly heats the place up until I switch it off (at the mains). Tried a reset (hold heat ...

WiFi Connectivity after a Power Outage

I wish the Nest Learning Thermostat could "learn" to reconnect itself to the wifi automatically after a power outage just like all my other wifi devices I own. The Wyxe camera and Schlage Smart door connects seamlessly after a power outage. Only the ...

kzett by Community Member
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Fan settings not working

Hello,I am having problems with my fan settings on my 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat.When my heat comes on the fan blows on low speed. I have HVAC fan speed set to high.When my Every Day fan comes on, it blows on low speed. I have my everyday fan set...

Fraomame by Community Member
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