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My Nest Learning Thermostat always reads 0% Humidity. How do I get it to give me a reading for humidity? Thanks!

The leaf

So I have the nest app and eco is turned off but its still showing a leaf from any temperature under 22 degrees so my scheduled times are not coming on because there is a leaf next to the temperature 20 degree

Nrs1 by Community Member
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Heat link no power

I have had a Nest thermostat 3rd Gen. Thermostst is on a stand and connected with heat link. My power went of and when it came back on the heat link unit would not start. No lights. Tried reset but pushing in the button does nothing completely dead. ...

Sim391 by Community Member
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nest therm not connecting to wifi

had the therm working fine, and suddenly disconnected from wifi. tried resetting device, tried removing and reinstalling device. nothing is working. I get to the screen on my app that says "choose the network" but the network doesn't show up. I have ...

2 wire install for Nest Learning Thermostat

My 2 year old home has ac and heat. It currently has a 2 wire Honeywell thermostat. Red wire to R and a blue wire to C. Will my Nest Learning thermostat control both AC and heat? How should I install it? Cannot seem to find quite this set-p in the qu...

Nest will turn on at 'SAFETY' mode, but not any other time

Model: Display-3.4Serial # 09AC01AC081705JCSoftware: 6.2-22I had turned the unit "off" for most of a day since a contractor was in the house with windows and doors open. When I turned it back to "heat" mode, it turned on briefly (several minutes) and...

severling by Community Member
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When I set a schedule to turn on heating it doesn't come on at the time set,where am I going wrong?

Jennyf by Community Member
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