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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Thermostat

After a power outage one of my nest thermostats (less than a year old) is continuously showing out of battery or your thermostat needs to be shut for it to charge…sometimes it’s red light blinking and sometimes green, at times it starts for a brief m...

Sachkam by Community Member
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set up issue

Trying to set up the thermostat. The app prompts me to turn on bluetooth, but its already on.Toggling it off and back on does not help

Jho by Community Member
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Thermostat Schedule

Can I have two different modes on the same schedule? I want the mode to be heat/cool at some times during the day and just heat at other points during the day.

H71 fault

My thermostat is showing a H71 fault and not connecting to the Heat Link. The Heat link has no lights on it but there is power to the boiler. It’s dead with no lights. It seems a common problem but no clear answer as to how to fix it. help please?

I can't get my 4th gen nest thermostat into the nest app

I have had a 3rd gen Nest thermostat for a while and I have it in my Google Home app and my Nest app. I find it much easier to program in the Nest app.I just installed a 4th gen Net thermostat in the same home (I have two heat pumps). I purchased it ...

Two nest thermostat displays connected to one heat link unit

Hi, I have a Nest thermostat 3rd generation but after four years the heatlink unit stop working and it has no use. I have decided to buy a new Nest thermostat 3rd generation ( that will come with a new heatlink unit) and i would like to see if I can ...

Jllhm by Community Member
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Sharing a Thermostat and Home App Issue

I have successfully added a new nest at a seperate house. I now want to share it with some others. But I only want to share the new thermostat, not my existing home thermostat. I found these instructions: Give someone Full AccessOpen the Nest app.If ...