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Nest Thermostats

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Offline thermostat

My nest thermostat keeps going offline and we cannot switch it back on. This keeps happening and we have Wi-Fi everywhere else in the home. I’ve tried rebooting the Wi-Fi and that had no effect my thermostat is on hard wired on the wall so power is n...

Sigfuzz by Community Member
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Heatlink not working.

Hi there, Recently noticed our heatlink isn't working. I googled this and ended up at this site's predecessor forum where it's seems lots of people had the same issue. There was a series of questions/requests passed by moderators of that site to bett...

Horanski by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest iPhone app unable to add 3rd Gen Nest Thermostat

Here's the situation. I had an iPhone 8 and the Nest App along with the Nest Thermostat have been working well over the last 2 or so years. My iPhone 8 was reset and I lost all apps. I purchase an iPhone 12 Pro and attempted to add the Nest App which...

Kurt_D by Community Member
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Nest password help

I recently moved into a home that has a nest thermostat and cannot set it because the previous owner is still associated with the nest app. How can I get the password changed and set up?? Can’t reach the previous owner!!

Oldse by Community Member
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Nest Thermostats N260 Error

Replaced the old thermostats with Google Thermostats but I am keep on getting N260 Error Code.In my old thermostats none of the wire had any power, any idea what could be the fix?

SKA by Community Member
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5 digit code for 2FA does not arrive

Hello, as many others have reported, the 5 digit verification code does not arrive when I try to log in to my nest account. The email associated with my account is a hotmail address. I have checked the junk and spam folders and the verification email...

Mandy by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat

Hi to the person who replied to my heat link problem. Yes the thermostat is working. It just cannot communicate with the heat link the round plastic with wires going to the boiler. Worked for 4 months then stopped. Google have a problem which they do...

Heywood by Community Member
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Nest Snow

new install will not connect to the google home app.

Nest Thermostat

Wi-Fi Connections don't appear router works fine? 

stimpy by Community Member
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