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Resolved! New Nest Thermostat - Heater Won’t Shut Off

I have a Trane XV 90 two-stage gas furnace with a two-zone Honeywell HZ322 control panel. I purchased a new Nest Learning Thermostat 3D gen and, after following all the instructions, it won’t stop heating during the first test run. Even though it say...

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Jflo by Community Member
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Nest thermostat heatlink dead

Woke up this morning to a dead heatlink.Found this in an older thread.How often do you experience the issue? - First TimeHow long has your thermostat been installed for? - Just over a yearWhat colour is the Heat Link LED? - No LED present What is sho...

C wire issues

Hi. My new thermostat is not recognizing the blue (C) wire, no matter what I do. I have W, Rc, and C wires. Help!

Will Nest E work for me?

Looking at a Nest E but am not sure if it does what I need.I have a heat pump and electric backup furnace.Current controller is an AUBE CT280-3H3C currently wires are:TH - 2 of themOS - 2 wires into the one connectionR (2 wires) C (2 wires), Y1,Y2,W1...

New Nest, old Honeywell thermostat wiring question

Old HW thermostat has a yellow wire which connects to Y but then continues over to W. System is a heat pump.So which or both (Y or W) go in compatibility checker? When connecting to Nest does that yellow wire go to Y or W. Other wires: red to R, whit...


Setting up Nest thermostat

During the set up phase, the thermostat does not connect to the Google Home app and displays the following message. Please let me know what can be done! I have given location and local network access to the app.


Any thermostat compatible with 2-wire oil burner?

I have a dinosaur oil burner that only has 2 wires for the current thermostat. I upgraded from a mercury switch to this basic programmable thermostat and these are the wires/settings that work currently. Would I be able to use a Nest thermostat? If s...

Furb by Community Member
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