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Nest thermostat

I’m having the same issue black screen blinking green.. when u hold down for 8 seconds or so it turns orange for a second then goes back to blinking green and black screen..I tried plugging in to charge for 10 min still black screen when unplugging.....

Not Charging and no blue wire.

I installed my new Learning Nest thermostat and the wiring does not include a blue wire. I have a green white and red and yellow - but no blue. I did charge the nest after I got the low battery message. What can I do to keep it charged?Will I get tha...

NewNest by Community Member
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humidity level is wrong

just bought a new Carrier HVAC. Humidity level on thermostat is wrong, causing my air and airwave to run way to frequently and too long. It takes 45 minutes running to go down 1 degree (my condo is 1 level and is small). It says I have 44% humidity i...

Andree by Community Member
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Wiring to e nest

I am install a e nest thermostats stat. The following wires were connected to the old thermostat:Y1, G, O (white),there was also a jumper wire connected to the Rc & Rh connection. I know I don’t need to do anything with the jumper but I did find anot...

Heat pump/two stage heat

I am trying to figure out how to wire my thermostat. I was told this is a single fuel heat pump with two stage heat. This is the original wiring. And this is how I have it wired to the Nest. Does this look right. Just want to be sure the heating stag...

FCDB9B8F-E388-46AC-B428-BF5490F3FF46.jpeg 83DA7A3C-C7F1-4B97-890F-DA526F0C8C72.jpeg

Nest learning thermostat is not heating

I am a new user of the nest. When I went for cooling, it was working normally. But went for heating, it was still cool air comes out. The heater is not on.Any help is much appreciated, thank you.These are the wires on the old one and the new Nest:

Jeffrey729_0-1632691929430.jpeg Jeffrey729_1-1632692000610.jpeg Jeffrey729_2-1632692009518.jpeg

Nest compatibility with Burnham steam boiler

I had a 50+ year old Peerless steam boiler in my Victorian house. Finally it have up the ghost and I replaced it with a new Burnham steam boiler. The Nest operated the ancient Peerless fine. But it cannot hold in the solenoid for the Burnham which cl...

Help with wiring a 2 zone ac and cool system

I have a 2 zone forced air gas heating and a central ac. I have following wires on my trane thermostat shorted R to Rc, W1, Y, G, B and a brown wire to W2. My nest only has G, R, OB , Y, C and W. How should I wire my nest?

sdsouza01 by Community Member
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Requesting Compatibility Check

Hi, would you be confirm if my thermostat is compatible with Google Nest learning

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