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Compatibility Issue

Here is the wiring on the Thermostat with wire connected to W and Y. Is it compatible with the Nest Thermostat?


Wiring new thermostat

Still have not managed resolved fitting my thermostat. Not sure where to connect the three wires. I have a red, blue and yellow wires on may old thermostat. But not sure which wire connects to which block on thermostat.Are you able to advise. Kind re...

Steve0508 by Community Member
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nest themostat low battery

I have 4 wires coming from my furnace to my Nest thermostate, I get a low battery warning. How do I wire the furance 4 wires to my Nest so the battery will be charging.

temperature drop

is there a model NEST thermostat that i can use to notify me if my furnace goes out and temperature drops while i am away for the winter. I have good wi fi

bigbob by Community Member
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Resolved! new icon on screen

Hi all,My nest thermostat has been running for about 5 days. Today I have an icon which is yellow circle with a black water drop in it. What does this mean? My thermostat is in eco currently, there is a hot water schedule set but we are currently out...

bighead85 by Community Member
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Nest app on iPhone not accepting entry key

I have reset the Nest thermostat, it is connected to my wifi, I have tried both manual and scanning the code. I have also tried putting it in airplane+Wifi+bluetoothI have tried waiting and trying again numerous times over the last few daysAll attemp...

Problems installing new Nest 3rd gen thermostat

When installing my new Nest 3rd gen thermostat the battery was dead out of the box. After charging for 2 hours by USB cable I started the set up and got m15 and w5 errors, the battery drained quickly and could not continue setup. After charging for 8...

DWHorn117 by Community Member
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Thermostat Timed on and off

Is there a way to just turn the heating on for a certain amount of time without having to set a schedule?

GRough17 by Community Member
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Thermostat lost WIFI W5 error

Hello, about 4 weeks ago one of our thermostats lost WiFi connectivity. We have tried a factory reset, remove and add back to account, restart on multiple times and we can never get the W5 error to clear. We have tried to manually enter the WiFi name...

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