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Nest Thermostats

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No Power message after Restart

Nest Thermostat was showing the wrong indoor temperature (off by 20 degrees). I did a restart as suggested by the Google support site. Now the unit displays an E298 Error. It cannot detect any wires nor power. C and R wires return roughly 28 volts.

Nest True Radiant

Hi Everyone,Will as Nest thermostat work with radiant heat that is from a boiler (water and glycol?Fred

FredYYC by Community Member
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No Power Rh or Rc with E73 Error ode

Dog munched on wiring outside for thermostat control to AC Unit. Repaired and replaced fuse and Nest Thermostat is giving me an E73 Error code for no power to Rh. Moved to Rc and the same thing. Put old manual thermostat and it worked fine. swapped t...

wawdallas by Community Member
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Nest compatibility check - picture

Hi there,posting this picture because the compatibility checker told me to do so.Questionsone article I read said that proprietary systems are not compatible with nest. I don't know whether my system is proprietary, but I do have wires labeled O/B an...

InkedIMG_7411_LI2.jpg IMG_7411.jpg
JS2019 by Community Member
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Nest won't text me a verification code

For some reason, Nest has required that I sign into my IOS app. When I do, it says that it will text me a verification code to my phone; however I have tried this several times and have not received a code. It does not give ma an option to have it em...

chas1430 by Community Member
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Nest Gen 3

My thermostat is not activating any system controls. It is not turning on heat, AC, nor the fan. The thermostat is powered up but not controlling anything. Only way I can get thermostat to activate ate my heat pump is in test mode. I have noticed tha...

Twhit by Community Member
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Temp sensor and Goggle Home app

Any updates on Home App to integrate with temp sensor or should I keep using Nest App?I want to add Nest cameras and they are compatible with Home App I have to use Nest for the temp sensors and Home for the cameras?

Ritz by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat not heating

Hello- I have a new Nest thermostat but it is not heating. I can activate the fan from my app but not the heat. The dial is orange and thinks it is heating but it is not. I’m new to this technology. Please help. Thank you.

BeMo-CA by Community Member
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G3 Nest thermostat off = coil sizzling noise

No problems previous location, moved, installed G3 nest (heat pump sys). When thermostat set to off = coil sizzling noise? I call it the water fall sound. Remove the nest from the base, coil sizzling noise aka waterfall stops?original thermostat http...

Coño by Community Member
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Heating issues

Hi there, I am having issues with heating in my house. I have removed the face plate and jumped out the t-stat so I know the furnace is working properly.I can turn on heat with a test and everything will function normally.However in a normal operatio...

Sunnyside by Community Member
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