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Preheating on even though Early On is off

I recently noticed that instead of telling me how long it would take to reach my desired heat, the app/thermostat just says that it is "preheating". I read that pre-heating is associated with Early On so I've now turned that off in the app but every ...

staciek81 by Community Member
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About to get a blizzard at my shore house…if I set the temp and lose WI-FI….will my heater stay on? Or will it not hold temp….?? Hoping my pipes don’t burst..

by Not applicable
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No lights or connection at heatlink

The nest was installed late 2019 by a heating engineer and has worked perfectly until recently, no lights on the heatlink so unable to reset it.As a former electrician I have bridged out the control wires and added a temporary switch to bring on the ...

H1ghlane by Community Member
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Nest thermostat not allowing to set date/time

The screen is giving message Your thermostat's dateand time are incorrect.when I select ok or set date/time, it give me the following messageThe thermostat isrestarting. Back in a bit.then the screen goes blank for a minute, it comes back on with the...

Surf by Community Member
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Trane heat pump

I have a Trane heart pump with a Trane thermostat the labels are: g, b, r, y, f, w, x2, o. How do you wire for Nest E? Any help would be appreciated.

JoeMoya by Community Member
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Google Nest Power Connector

Hello, I have been struggling to get my power connector working. I am getting error codes m25 and n260, but I know everything is connected correctly. I have purchased 2 power connectors because I thought the first just wasn’t working. Please help!

Spencer2 by Community Member
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