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Nest Thermostats

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Nest App stops work when finishing setup

Neat app stops working (freezes up) once the Nest Thermostat has been added to my home. Specifically, the app freezes when I answer the question “where did you put this thermostat”. Nothing works on the app beyond this point. Of note, this is the 2nd...

Set up process get stuck

I’ve restarted my thermostat and it continues to get stuck on the screen that says where do I want to put it in my house, e.g. hallway. I click on hallway and nothing happens and I can’t click off that screen. What do I do next?

Trixi by Community Member
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Cannot connect to Wi-Fi

Nest thermostat disconnected from Wi-Fi and won’t reconnect or find network… please help nest is only 8 months old

Wonka124 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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E104 error w/no change to system

Nothing is wired wrong & wires are all good. Outside unit is only 2 years old. The only thing that I can think of being different is that we have had quite a heatwave. I've tried resetting the thermostat. I've read every troubleshooting article I can...

Nest App Entry Key Not Working

I've had this nest thermostat for a few years, but it was recently detached from my Nest app. I'm looking to reconnect it.I've searched the forums and have seen a large number of complaints about the App Entry Key not working. I have factory reset my...

rmeltg by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Nest temperatures not consistant

I am not sure what the real issue is. The temperature in the house and what the nest displays is different. Once I mess with it it corrects and begins to cool. But it shouldn’t ever go to 78•F in the house.

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