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Nest thermostat not recognizing green wire

Went though everything (twice) and the thermostat still will not recognize the green wire. Meaning I cannot control the the fan manually. The option does appear on the settings.

Jkcloud1 by Community Member
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Nest - AC adapter wire question

QUESTION — I have three Nest thermostats - two work great - they only control heat. My third Nest controls heat for the second floor and the whole home AC. This Nest is constantly losing battery during the summer. The heat and AC are separate units a...

jerseyjay by Community Member
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Customer Service is a complete failure

I was a happy Nest Thermostat user until in May 2022. Thermostat was searching non-stop for a Wi-Fi signal that was definitely there. I researched on the website and troubleshooted on my own and finally opened a ticket. I troubleshooted again with th...

Not sure if compatible to use

I am not sure if anyone can help me but I thought I would try before returning the thermostat. I have a 2.5 Ton Goodman Front Return Air Handler (8Kw) Model:AWUF300816BA. I just moved in and had maintenance done the other day. The repairman thought i...

PXL_20220707_174405767.jpg PXL_20220707_155001916.PORTRAIT.jpg
OddJob by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest thermostat locked

Powers been off for a couple of days - Put back on and My nest thermostat has power but is frozen with a rectangle and home icon - recognised by my app but can’t connect to heatlink which will not flash blue light to pair - any help or advise please

BRH1 by Community Member
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Heat Link Not Working

Overnight, my heat link has stopped working. No lights visible and after attempting a reset several times, nothing. I’ve tried everything suggested else ware of forum without any luck…Has power, just doing nothing needs replacement...

PrInCeUKER by Community Member
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My best will not connect to my wifi if has a W5 error message 

Janet27 by Community Member
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My nest thermostat keeps changing its temperature by itself. All auto and eco settings have been disabled

Jiggy1 by Community Member
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Resolved! How does the HeatLink connect to my boiler/heat exchanger?

Newbie here. I can't seem to find any real tech specs on the heat link.How does it physically interact with my heating system?I have PT1000 thermosensors and a 24V AC motor-valve controlling the temperature of the circulated hot-water. My Danfoss ECL...

GipsyKing by Community Member
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