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Resolved! Software Info

What is the latest software version for the nest thermostat? Can I find the version on my phone app or do I have to check it on the thermostat itself?

mrelmo by Community Member
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Mobile app and PC

Absolutely beginner (just into my 2nd hour with this thermostat!). I've successfully, I think, setup the Android app and connected to the thermostat but I much prefer using a PC with its larger screen etc. Going to I then try to...

mjlo by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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New WiFi now heat is blowing out cold air

Hi all, I have a nest that has been working fine. We just got a new modem and I had to update my nest so it was connected. Per the directions I had to remove the device and did a factory reset. My heat is now blowing out cold air. I have disconnected...

Springerz by Community Member
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Teaching Nest to Heat when sun is up

Hello.I have a 7.6kw sun system connected to a heat pump.Is there a way to teach Nest Learning Thermostat that when the sun is up.....hence i have free energy........ to start heating above the set temperature ? The ideea is that the more heat is mad...

ender1980 by Community Member
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HiWe’ve just bought a house which has a Worcester MT10 boiler (with a mechanical timer so I think it’s old). I wanted to know whether that is compatible with the Google Nest learning thermostat. All help much appreciated. Osmsn

Osman1 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Install Nest where no thermostat is present

Hello everyone,Good evening, Here is my situation, I already have one Nest downstairs in my home connected to a HeatLink, however I’ll like to get another Nest to run the upstairs radiators. And I dont really know where to start since I dont have an ...

ClemD by Community Member
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